Cody Hebert with Redbull cans in front of him.

Hi, I’m Cody 🤓

I design digital products and experiences.

I'm a Product Designer in Lafayette, Louisiana creating user-friendly products for fast-growing startups.

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Some of the work I've done, and businesses I've helped.



A word from my peers!

Travis profile photo

Cody can help any product team unlock more delightful experiences for their users and find product-market fit.

Within a year, Cody redesigned every product in the portfolio, solving major pain points in every application, improving conversions, retention and LTV in our consumer facing products, improved efficiency in our internal customer support tools, and while having no authority had achieved an impressive amount of influence within customer support, operations and engineering.

Travis Boudreaux

Director of Engineering @ Waitr
Kayla, product designer at Shopify

Cody is an absolute treasure to the design community!

His mentorship has been essential to my growth in product design. He has incredible attention to detail, is always a champion for his products' users, and has a contagious positive energy that powers him and his team through any difficult challenge!

Kayla Diaz De Arce

Product Designer @ Shopify
Alex, engineering manager at Waitr

Cody is a free spirited individual, with an infectious personality.

Cody cares so much about the products and about what each end user wants and needs to make their experience become the best it can be. Cody carries a very detail oriented approach to the designs as him and I worked together, striving for pixel perfection where possible.

Alex Lanclos

Engineering Manager @ Waitr