Supplied eCommerce App

A modern way for store owners to shop wholesale.

Client Overview

Supplied is an e-commerce website that offers warehouse direct products for early-stage stores owners. With inclusive programs for store owners or individuals interested in selling products on social media, Supplied became a leading trusted partner for wholesale merchandise purchases.

Problem Statement

The challenge with Supplied was providing trending products for store owners to sell while offering a variety of payment options. When interviewing Supplied customers we found that most struggled with the navigation of the site, and search always displayed the same products. This led store owners to believe that Supplied only carried a few products when in fact, over 20,000 unique products were carried in the warehouses.


Supplied had a qualifying Net60 form, but most store owners overlooked it, or just didn’t fill it out due to its length and complexity. We discovered that 9/10 of store owners qualified for Net60, but weren’t applying for it. By making the application process part of the signup flow we were able to provide Net60 to 90% of new visitors which turned them in to recurring customers. 

Whether it’s Limited Edition Nikes or Floral Swim Suits, Supplied made it easy for store owners to order large volumes in different sizes per product. Store owners could even save items to collections by seasonality if a specific item was a big hit in their store the previous year.

Checking out is where store owners fell in love with Supplied. Qualifying store owners were able to purchase inventory with Net60 terms or apply for the Sizzle financial plan—Buy Now, Pay Later. This would allow them to purchase inventory, and if it didn’t work in their store, they could return it, no questions asked. 

The Result

With a more visible and inclusive application process for store owners, Supplied grew from 30% of customers qualifying for Net60 to 90%. This meant higher retention and viral word-of-mouth marketing. Store owners were able to order products to try in their store, and return them to Supplied without spending a penny on R&D.

What’s next?