Building Healthy Habits with Positive Psychology

Client Overview

A step-by-step guide to feeling good in your body and mind, based on the best research in food psychology, nutrition, addiction, neuroscience, and mindfulness behavioral therapy. Wavelength helps you work with your brain instead of against it, so you can make choices that leave you feeling comfortable, confident, and calm with food and your body.

Problem Statement

Wavelength had an existing app created in an app builder, but it lacked functionality, the ability to scale, and couldn’t provide the features Wavelength customers demanded. Through interviews with existing wavelength customers, I determined that the number one reason for users abandoning the product was due to a lack of organization to the curriculum and an overwhelming feeling of stress on where to get started. User's also voiced wanting to check tasks off like assignments and breathing exercises which gave them a sense of accomplishment and gratification.


The new onboarding for Wavelength strives to get users spending less time exploring the app and more time consuming the content to help achieve their goals. Users are welcomed with the first episode right after downloading the app.

The media player is packed with educational reinforcement methods. With shareable quotes for each episode, a social forum, and daily assignments, members are able to practice their new knowledge of food and how it relates to their bodies daily.

Once users listen to an episode, a related assignment would follow to help reinforce the content. Science shows reinforcement is key to changing habits and learning new ways of thinking. Wavelength strives to provide an experience to users that’s fun, yet educational.

The Result

Over 1,000 Wavelength members have gone through the program and remain active to share their experiences with others who are just beginning.

What’s next?