Waitr Call Center

Managing 10,000 calls a day just got easier.

Client Overview

Call Center is a product designed for Waitr to manage call volume, 10,000+ calls per day, and view customer’s order information as quickly and efficiently as possible. It handles multiple login roles, such as employees, managers, and directors. Employees have access to basic call functions, while managers can monitor each employee’s call time. Directors can listen to calls being made and share mp3 files with other executives in the company.

Problem Statement

Call Center was built with our in-house product and engineering team with Twillio due to the lack of call features available on the market at the time. Waitr needed a Call Center that could manage thousands of calls a day, and connect callers like drivers, restaurant partners, and customers with active accounts quickly and effectively.


With the creation of a Call Center that was built with our internal tech stack we were able to connect all aspect of the business to every inbound or outbound call that was made. This means that when a driver called for assistance the dispatch team knew exactly where the driver was and which orders were in their possession.

An agent overview dashboard allowed mangers in the Call Center to see which employees were operating the most efficiently, and provide feedback to others who needed additional training.

We designed an escalation feature allowing the customer success team to quickly escalate difficult customers. With this feature agents could write notes about the caller and even have a chat with a manager before the call gets escalated.

The Result

We released phase one in a slow rollout to continue to get feedback on the product, as well as to measure reliability. As more feedback came in, we polished up the product to make the customer service agents even more productive and informed.

What’s next?