WaitrApp—Food Delivery

Food ordering and delivery platform.

Client Overview

Waitr is a user-friendly mobile and desktop ordering platform that makes browsing great local restaurants, customizing menu items, and paying securely from your phone or computer easier than ever.

Problem Statement

The goal for the Waitr mobile redesign was to address the concerns of current customers without introducing friction from new design elements. We wanted to make ordering food as easy and streamlined as possible. Upon surveying 40 people, we concluded that our customer’s biggest pain points occurred after they had placed their order—so that's where we focused our design efforts.


Transparency of Information: It can be scary to show paying customers that there is an issue with their order, but ultimately it builds trust. Notifying a customer that there is an issue and possible delays buys forgiveness. It shows that Waitr cares and wants to make it right.

Self Service Resolution: Waitr recently underwent a large reduction in staff, so we needed to ensure our time to resolve an issue didn’t increase. Waitr already received feedback about slow respond times. More automation decreases overhead and cost per delivery.

Ratings, Reviews, and Tips: Receive organic feedback on how restaurants and drivers are performing daily. Higher performing restaurants get promoted to customers so drivers spend less time stuck at restaurants and more time delivering food to customers.

The Result

The transparency of information reduced the number of requests from customers asking the location of their order which freed up customer service agents to resolve more urgent and important issues. Self-service resolution increased deliveries to 1.8 per hour with 90% delivered <60 min without a credit or refund. Ratings, reviews, and tips increased orders/month per customer due to more efficient restaurant choices and higher-performing drivers.

What’s next?