Water Conservation Kit

Water conservation kit

Design for good is a venue to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for social change. Designing for the sake of helping the world has a growing fan base, and I wanted to dip my feet in the subject. With an interest in design for sustainability I wanted to create a project that would make it easy for citizens to become more sustainable.

The Problem

After thorough research I discovered how much water was wasted every year by simply running the water while we brush our teeth. I needed to create a solution that incentivized saving water for the consumer and informed them about the amount of water that was being wasted.

The Solution

Create a full brand of dental hygiene products with the amount of money that could be saved each year by creating better dental habits. The product is manufactured for dentist offices and replaces the plastic bag that dentists usually provide for their visitors.

Captivating project Facts

2,400 Gallons...
of water are wasted by the average American just from leaving the faucet on while brushing their teeth.

Two Hundred Dollars...
is spent every year on water bills per household, due to poor teeth brushing habits.

26.3 Billion Dollars...
is spent on excess water every year in the United States from people brushing their teeth.


Open Sans bold and regular were used for this packaging. Using Open Sans bold for important data on the dental bag and Open Sans regular for the information on the products creates a contrast that allows the consumer to find the information they need quickly and effectively.

Color Swatches

This particular concept focused on water, so blue was an obvious color choice, but multiple shades and tints of blue were explored to find the right hue that captured the essence of the concept.

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