Research Guide Swatchbook

Research guide swatchbook

This project was intended to help graduate students conduct better research using the ACRL Information Literacy Framework. One side of the swatch book gives a breakdown of the ACRL Framework as well as research tips for graduate students. The other side of the swatch book has a variety of color palettes with creative and fun titles for students to use for their projects.

The Problem

Students at both the undergraduate and graduate level use mediocre research to complete projects and find solutions. The SCAD-Atlanta graphic design department wanted to change the way students in Atlanta conducted their research. We were challenged to design an artifact that would elevate the level of research that was conducted.

The Solution

Through a partnership with the SCAD-Atlanta library system, we were able to create a swatchbook that not only was attractive, but stepped students through conducting in depth research. Since SCAD students were the target demographic we included color combination swatches for students to use with their projects and a notebook to collect notes from the research.


Archer and Open Sans were used as the typefaces for this project. Not only do they compliment each other, but the thickness of Archer's serifs create a visual balance to the humanist sans-serif style of Open Sans.

Color Swatches

Each research building block in the swatchbook is organized by a color. Colors were used to divide each section of the research chapters and is also used to compliment the color swatchbook theme of the overall project. These particular colors were chosen not only because they contrast each other, but they are bright and encouraging to students.

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