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Posh Exclusive Interiors

Posh exclusive interiors

Recognized as one of the United State’s premier couture-inspired interior design firms, Posh Exclusive Interiors offers comprehensive designs for new construction and renovations.  Services include designs for private residences, estates, resort properties, corporate offices, medical facilities, boutique hotels, restaurants, plantations, yachts, jets and motor coaches.

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The Problem

Posh Exclusive Interiors is known for their larger real estate clients and boutique hotels, however, they felt this recognition intimidated the local community in believing they couldn't  afford their services. Posh developed a concept that allowed customers to start with one piece of furniture then gradually add more to their home, until the customer completed their home. Posh stands behind this concept and wanted to show their customers before and after galleries of local and nationwide homes who applied this concept to their home.

The Solution

Maintain the elegance and luxury that Posh Exclusive Interiors lays its foundation on, while maintaining a style and brand that everyone can afford. With emphasis on a contact form to allow site visitors to speak immediately with a Posh consultant, customers have the opportunity to have a Posh team member visit their home and begin the consultation process. As the user scrolls down they can either visit the award winning galleries or simply view before and after images of previous homes.

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