Harbor Co. Photography

Harbor Co. Photography

With over 15 years experience, Harbor Co. Photography has become a leader in travel sports photography. Based in Lafayette, LA, Harbor Co. Photography has traveled the United States capturing sports moments that shouldn't be missed. Whether is be action photography or team shoots, Harbor Co. Photography has expressed their enthusiasm and focus on ensuring the highest quality photograph and print.

The Problem

Harbor Co. Photography has fostered an enthusiastic and creative team of photographers that are quick on their feet. Harbor, needed a brand that reflected the speed and excitement that their photographers bring to the industry.

The Solution

Through bold typography and bright colors, Harbor Co. Photography portrays a new level of professionalism and trendiness to the market. With a newly designed stationery system, they are able to attract prospective clients and move forward with a more powerful brand in the future.

Logo Sketches

Beginning with typographic experimentation, every aspect of photography trends were taken into account—from script, serif and sans serif typefaces. After a deep exploration of type was conducted three logos were decided on and moved forward to the vetting process.  


Contrasting and complimentary color palates were applied to each logo to determine the most successful solution. With the brand's focus being on speed and excitement there was special attention to yellows, oranges, and red tone color palates.

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