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Graphic Design Theory

Graphic Design theory

Graphic Design Theory presents groundbreaking, primary texts from the most important historical and contemporary designthinkers. From Aleksandr Rodchenko's "Who We Are: Manifesto of the Constructivist Group" to Kenya Hara's "Computer Technology and Design," this essential volume provides the necessary foundation for contemporary critical vocabulary and thought.

The Problem

Graphic Design Theory is not the most inviting book title, and viewers may not take the chance to look through it or even pick it up based on the title. There are many graphic design theory books that will be on the shelf next to this one so it needs to stand out. Most publishers are aware that students are not a fan of the title and have incorporated lots of color on the cover to attract them. This book redesign needs to compete with other publishing companies and their design firms to advance in the market.

The Solution

Instead of adjusting color combinations on the cover to compete with other publishers, a concept involving the process of trial and error was used to create the cover. Process is a huge aspect of graphic design. The Graphic Design Theory book shares different processes from iconic designers for students to learn about. The inside of the book was designed based on a specific essay in the book that each student was individually assigned.

Book Cover SKetches

After numerous sketches I was able to receive lots of feedback from my colleagues in order to deliver the best possible solution for the book cover. My concepts ranged from very abstract to literal interpretations of theories, in order to attract a student to pick up the book and learn more.


Color palates were explored to determine which tone captured the mood of the new book cover design. Something vibrant, but not strenuous on the eyes was the direction I was going in. Not only did I explore book cover color options, but also colors that would compliment the cover and work for the interior of the book.

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